"The Fighting First, the Right of the Line"
Colonel David Childs
Lt.Col. Kevin Skaggs
Major Ray Manzi
1st.Lt. Mike Nailiborski, Adjutant
Capt. Ron Wetzel, Regimental Sergeant
1st.Lt. Doug Slagel, Regimental Provost
Capt. Gary Hill, Aide-de-Camp
Sgt.Maj. (TBD)
Sgt. Mike Cassidy, Principal Musician
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FIRST COMPANY Capt. Jason Childs, Cmdg.

SECOND COMPANY Capt. Jason Eckhart, Cmdg.

THIRD COMPANY Capt. Chuck Copello, Cmdg.

FOURTH COMPANY Capt. David Felice, Cmdg.

FIFTH COMPANY Capt. Victor Scalora, Cmdg.

SIXTH COMPANY Capt. Walter Dewey, Cmdg.

SEVENTH COMPANY Capt. Mark Mcbride, Cmdg.

EIGHTH COMPANY Capt. John Turchik, Cmdg.

NINTH COMPANY Capt. Chuck Critchfiled, Cmdg.

TENTH COMPANY Capt. David L. Robinson, Cmdg.

Civil War Field Music, 1st P.R.V.C. Mike Cassidy

BALLOON CORP John Boyer, Cmdg.

CIVILIAN COORDINATOR Jennifer (Moose) Snider

2015 1st REGIMENT Max Effort Events
Apr 10-12 150th Appomattox
May 17 Grand Review

Please send me a list of your unit's hosted/sponsored and Max Effort events and I will inlude them in the above-linked list.

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